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How Do I Help?
Not many even know that a product like ours exists.  We cannot compete with the marketing department of Zales, and the like, but then again, those companies don't have priests to tell Orthodox Christians (and Christians of ancient faith) about their company's website!  We would greatly appreciate your help, in any way that you are willing.  Here are a few of the ways that we have thought of, that would be the easiest and most beneficial.  Thanks in advance!

  • Inform Newly Engaged Couples: This is the easiest way of all. When a new couple has become engaged, in your parish or elsewhere, simply give them our card. Tell them that before they start looking to the world for wedding rings, they will want to go to OrthodoxRings.com (and then make sure to enter their names at Bride and Groom Discount).
  • Inform Appropriate Parishioners: When opportunities present themselves, pass our cards along to those who might benefit from knowing that fine jewelry Orthodox rings are just a click away (marriage retreats, parish life conferences, etc).
  • Bookstore: Make sure that the person running the bookstore at your parish knows about OrthodoxRings.com and always has plenty of our promotional cards to hand out to people as they enter the store.
  • Link to OrthodoxRings.com: This is your way of casting a "vote" for us in cyberspace, and we would greatly appreciate your support! Whether you have a section on Orthodox marriage (or would like to start one), a general section for Orthodox Education, or just a place listing sites you recommend, an OrthodoxRings.com link will bring value to your site wherever you choose. Our site will bring value to your visitors in more ways than one. Not only do we provide the only website line of fine jewelry Orthodox rings in the world, but we also have a growing library of Orthodox wedding, Christian marriage and general Orthodox articles available to our visitors.

Unlimited Free Promotional Cards and Posters

We rely heavily on clergy to pass on the word about OrthodoxRings.com. In order for you to do this easily and effectively, we want you to always have an ample supply of our promotional cards and posters on hand. Whether you are laying low for the next few months and only need a small handful, or are headed off to a conference and could see passing out a few hundred, it is our pledge to keep you stocked. Simply fill out the form below and you will have all you need to help your parishioners, and others on your journey, WEAR THE FAITH.

Boost Your Parish's Website Rankings!

Do you have an article about Orthodox weddings, Orthodox marriage, or Orthodox Christianity in general that you would like to share? If so, send it as a Word Document attachment to amy@OrthodoxRings.com and we will post it on our website, with a highly visible link back to your website's homepage and article location page. The result will be more total people reading your article, and an increase in page rank for your parish's website. That's right, when our site "vote" for your website (which is what Google calls a link), it will increase your site's value in the eyes of Google. This will prove even more true as the value of our site increases over time, through all of our efforts to acquire "votes." Google sees "votes" from higher value websites as being worth more. So, send us an article and "help us help you!"


Send Us a Testimonial

Send us (amy@OrthodoxRings.com) a 2 - 7 sentence referral, recommending our company, rings, or even the idea of Orthodox Christian rings or wedding bands, with your name, position and parish at the end of it and we will link it back to your parish's website (we will link to your parish's homepage unless you provide different instructions). See our Clergy Testimonials tab on our home page for examples.

What Other Priests Say About Our Founders

"I have known Matt Swagerty since his birth over 40 years ago. Matt is a dedicated and zealous parishioner who is committed to the Orthodox Faith above all else. He is an honest and trustworthy man that I would recommend to anyone who asks. Matt and his family continually strive to seek the will of God in their lives and are steadfast in their desire to serve the Lord in all of their endeavors."

The Very Rev. Fr. Melvin Gimmaka
St. Innocent Orthodox Christian Church
Antiochian Archdiocese of North America

"I would like to recommend to all, Matt Swagerty and his business for your consideration. I have known Matt for over 16 years, in fact, Matt had much to do with my conversion to Orthodoxy and as a pious layman gave me much encouragement in my journey towards Orthodoxy. I've known Matt and Amy to be people of integrity, pious in faith and lovers of the Holy Orthodox Church."

The Very Rev. Father David Kruse
St Raphael Orthodox Church
Thousand Palms, CA
Antiochian Archdiocese of North America

"I have known Matt Swagerty for over twenty years. He and his family were active members in our parish for over six years, prior to his move to California. Matt is an honest, intelligent, hard working man who maintains a focus on faith and family. I hold him in highest esteem and would recommend him to anyone seeking to do business with him."

Archpriest John Pierce
Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church
Tacoma, Washington

"In the twenty-plus years that I have known Matt Swagerty, I have known him to be a pious and sincere Orthodox Christian who has made many sacrifices for the sake of his Faith. Matt is a trustworthy and honest man, and I have nothing but enthusiastic praise for the quality and integrity of his products. I encourage all of my parishioners to take a look at Orthodoxrings.com, for a truly unique way of blessing their marriages." 

Fr Vasili Hillhouse
Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Church
Anchorage, AK
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

"I had the opportunity to see and handle these Orthodox Wedding rings, and I was very impressed. The man who produces/sells them is a very dedicated Orthodox Christian, and - because of health issues - this is now the only way he is able to support his young family. Please visit his website. Perhaps you could inform your parishioners about his website."

Fr. Demetrios Carellas
Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Pittsburgh
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

Welcome to the Priest's Page at OrthodoxRings.com. We have set up this page for priests (and pastors) because we view you as partners in our effort to share the news that fine jewelry, Orthodox Christian rings and wedding bands, really do exist. There are several sections on this page that will assist you in helping your parishioners and your parish.
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Welcome to the Priest's Page!
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